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I was adopted from Romania. I am interested in learning the language. My best friend Doina is helping me with some words when I go to Chicago.Doina has a cute little sister and I miss them both with the rest of the gang. Luv ya babe chloe

Pompano Beach, U.S.A, Florida


Punct ochit,punct lovit...hai ca-i tare site-ul si folositor.Nu il mai
laud ca deja prea multi au facut-o si deja s-a calit:))

Auckland, New Zealand


I have traveled to Romania (Bucharest and Sinaia) and loved it. I have new friends from Moldova who write to me. I use your site to translate some of the words and get words to write back to them. Thanks, Bianca

Kansas, USA

Dan Cimpianu

I'm romanian and this site helps me very much when i translate recipes for my canadian girlfriend.Beeing out of Romania for nearly 17 years i forgot a few words like "patrunjel,telina,pastarnac,leustean,tarhon,etc..." in my mind i know what they are but naming them in romanian ...is a different story.This site is great and helps us a lot,she's crazy about romanian foods...unfortunetaly here in Edmonton there are no romanian stores so we have to improvize with stuff from the Spinneli Italian Centre and local grocery stores.
Thank you
Traiasca Romania !

Edmonton,Alberta, Canada

Sarah S.

I am Romanian and I was adopted when I was alittle baby so seeing this site tells me that people care about romanians, but hopefully I will go back and visit romania.

Portsmouth, USA


The site is very useful. I'm happy to see so many people are interested in learning Romanian; I think it's quite a difficult language and I admire them for their efforts. Good luck to you all ... mult noroc si administratorilor site-ului!

Bucuresti, Romania


I am learning Romanian and have found this site very useful!
I would love to be contacted by other Romanian learners at

Dublin, Ireland

Pirvu Olivia

I love this web page. It's very useful. I'll highly recommended to everyone who wants to translate.

Rm.Valcea, Romania

dr Siva Prasada Reddy

Romanian language, is cute. This site helped me to learn some words. Really thankful. I have one romanian friend. I am indian citizen.

Working in Libya, India


Chiar imi place pagina asta ,deoarece m-a ajutat foarte mult sa traduc pagina mea web despre radiatoarele electro-ceramice.

Mangalia, Romania

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