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I love Romanian. It sounds great. Congratulations on the online dictionary!!

, Spain

George Simon

It`s beauty!

, Spain


Mi-a luat cateva luni sa imi scriu parerea, insa mai bine ma tarziu decat
niciodata, nu ? Dictionarul vostru este grozav si m-a ajutat foarte mult. L-am
recomandat si la cativa prieteni. Great job !!!



This is such a gr8 site....my mate is teaching me romanian at the mo but when he's not around to help me, this site does! Fanx guys xxx

crappy Leicester, even more crappy England

Bumbulici Ioana

Felicitari pentru dictionarele online. Mi-ati fost de un real ajutor iar site-ul dvs se afla de azi in lista mea de preferinte. Va multumesc!

Calarasi, Romania

Victoria Maria Popa

Oh, my god! what a great website!'I've been lookin for this for ages! I'm half Romanian and I'm teaching myself the Romanian language. this really comes in handy!

, The Netherlands

Robert Perrault

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found software for learning Romanian--after having given up on the idea that it existed. Your site also provides some much needed information about Romania for visitors. A very find job.

The classifieds on apartments for sale and rent has been of special interest to
me....so much better organized than the newspaper classifieds I have found in
Bucharest. Inlcuding the Sector for each apartment is a great time saver.



Quite a nice site. ;)
And even very useful for non-romanian speaking people.
Dont you know if any direct hungarian-romanian dictionary can be found on the web or is being planned to be?

Budapest, Hungary

J. V.

What a wonderful website...! This is absolutely THE BEST way for a guy to learn the beautiful language spoken by the beautiful people of Romania. This was a great discovery for me and it will help me in many ways in the future. My warm thanks to you who are behind this program...
I also like to wish the very best for the people of Romania - may you have a great a future ahead of you!

, Finland

Eunice Marie Claire Fabry

Im a foriegn language student, Im interested in romanian language, its not
because that im in my studies about languages. But because of a Special Person...
Marius.. a Romanian guy...I would like to thank this page for letting me now more
about Romania.

Shanghai, China

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