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I am an American who moved to Alba Iulia a year and a half ago. This site
has been a most helpful auxiliary tool in learning the language. It is the best
site I've found, in fact, for this purpose. Keep up the great work!

Alba Iulia, Romania


Hello!! Great job with this online dictionary. It is very helpfull for me.

Bucharest, Romania


very good

, Nepal


I am an Brazilian and you are the best, your dictionary has been very
Thanks very much

Belo Hte/MG, Brasil


good job!!!

Oradea, Romania

matt carmody

This is wonderful. I am going to Romania in February and this is a big help for me.
I love the language and the romance of the people and the country.

new york, usa


What a great online dictionary! I spent seven months in Romania and have
been receiving e-mails from some of the people I met there. This has been a great
help in understanding and responding to their letters. I was so excited to see how
to conjugate verbs!!!! I was only able to say things in the past and present tenses.
How exciting to be able to learn how to say something is going to happen! :) Thanks
for creating such a great online tool.

Ontario, Canada


Felicitari pentru modul usor si eficient de accesare si gasire a
informatiilor. Mie mi-a fost de un real folos pentru pregatirea si reactualizarea
cunostintelor de limba engleza pe care le-am folosit cu succes in cadrul unui curs
de formare profesionala.Poate ca ar fi bine sa adaugati si transcrierea fonetica
pentru cuvinte in engleza

Braila, Romania


Hi!I'm a Romanian and I live in New Zealand!I found this site very cool
because sometimes I forget to say something in Romanian and I just come on this and it realy helps me

Christchurch, New Zealand


am nimerit intamplator pe site-ul dumneavoastra si am ramas uimita cate
poti afla despre propria tara. felicitari prt. competenta si in special prt. pagina
cu retete sunte-ti geniali!

rio de mouro, portugal

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