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john sidebotham

like the site, and i have MANY frate, and sorro's in romania. i was in bucharesti february, and plan to visit end of this year. the people are 'special' to me. i have never enjoyed a holiday like this with my friends i made from working on ship in cyprus.(THEY ARE GENUINE TRUE FRIENDS TO ME) I reccomend people do not 'judje' a country till they have visited! especially english like me! multumesc for great site..i hope i can learn + impress my frate's online.john.(a.k.a banana!)

manchester, u.k


Va felicit pt. acest site care imi e de un mare ajutor,dar daca ar avea mai multe cuvinte tehnice ar si super!succes in continuare!

toronto, canada


My daughter was born in Romania and I want to have tools to help her learn the language and be aware of her customs as she grows older. Great site!

Ontario, Canada

Rodrighe Garcia Garay

Acest dictionar e cel mai bun care am deja folosit prin NET. As vrea sa vorbesc perfect limba aceasta minunata, dar din pacate romana mea e inca, cam ametita. Daca oricine vrea sa vorbesc cu mine, sa devenim prietenii, sau sa ma predeste ceva in limba romana, va rog, scrii mi. Va fi o mare placere.
Multumesc mult

Porto Alegre, Brazil


Minunat. Nu m-am putut desparti de exercitii !!! Felicitari !!! Sper ca foarte curind sa putem colabora pentru lucruri importante despre Romania.

Bucharest, Romania


Thankyou for providing this service. I have Romanian friends and this is a great help!



I was impressed when I did a search on 'translation dictionary' and your site appeared in the results. out of all the languages out there, Romanian was one of the few which showed up (thanks to your site). I can appreciate that, since I moved in the us 17 yrs ago (from Romania). I am still very much involved in the Romanian community even though I moved here as a child. currently, I am a chief officer @ a pretty large internet company based out of Cleveland, Ohio and have started to pursue business opportunities involving the internet (back in Romania). I'm not sure if you are involved in any other projects, but you might want to contact me.... who knows, maybe we can help each other in various ways.

cleveland, Oh, US


I visited your country few times but unfourtunately it was only transit. I'm looking fore a friend and any information from Romania. This is do exciting country for me. See you!!

, Poland


Excellent site! Excellent dictionaries! Okay, here comes the beef: a very tricky part of learning the Romanian language are the irregular conjugations of some of the verbs. Just about every dictionary I have come across (including this one?) offers very little help. Verbs like "lucra" and "ajuta" look like they are conjugated similarly, but of course, they are not: I work-lucrez, I help-ajut. Also many nouns (like sister-soră, soruri) have irregular plural endings. Neuter nouns sometimes have the -e plural ending, sometimes they have the -uri plural ending. Just about every dictionary I have seen provides the Romanian learner with no guidance. I think it would be a dramatic improvement simply to put (-ez) after verbs like lucra or dura to indicate they are conjugated lucrezi or durează, (-esc) to differentiate -i verbs like vorbi and dormi. For the neuter nouns put in (-uri) or (-e) to indicate the plural form. I know this is asking a lot, but I think it would eliminate this most frustrating aspect of the language. Thanks.

Schwerte, Germany


I love this website! This dictionary has helped me out quite a bit. I'm trying to learn some Romanian out of curiosity and to say a few things to my boyfriend. My vocabulary has become quite extensive thanks to this site.
Keep it up! ;-)

Ontario, Canada

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