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Hmm.. Good material to learn that language, knowing i can hardly even find a normal romanian grammar at home.

, France


Dictionarul Roman Englez este extraordinar. De fapt toate paginile realizate aici sunt foarte bune.

California, USA


i met this girl who went to my school for a year from romania and she gave me her number and id just like to have a conversation no one over here could understand

Burleson,TEXAS, USA


Un site realizat examplar. Felicitari!

Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A.

Mary Cluer

Hi! I can't wait to get the CD's! My friend, Ovi, took me to his home, Arad, in 1999 and I can't wait to return! This time I'll be able to hopefully talk! AND understand! Blessings!

Placentia CA, USA

Jane Anderson

I received the audio CD's and installed them on my computer. I need to order a Romanian-> English dictionary next. Thank you for your assistance.

Boulder/CO, USA

bob griffiths

Nice site brings back many good memories of romania.I was married in bucuresti in 1972 to a beautiful Romanian girl named Paula Covaci, she died last week on 27th of june I loved her so. and romania will be forever in my heart.

redditch, england


Greeting from Mars. I think this is nice tools to learn Romanian language

Mars, Mars


This is a great site. Not only does it help in every day life........but a cool site to browse thru and learn new words in the most fascinating language in the world! Romanian!

Phoenix, AZ, USA


I love the dictionary as it helps me to surprise my Romanian friend although sometimes I write it wrong and it is not understood. But I will keep trying.

Northland, New Zealand

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