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Filippo Severini

Help rumenian children! Visit www.amicidisighet.it

Thank You!!!!

Scandiano (RE), Italy


My Mothers parents came to USA before at the turn of the century. My Father came here in 1954. I have grown up with many Romania people, but sadly do not speak the language. My parents wanted us kids to speak English.

colorado, usa


My boss is from Romania and I find him to be a brilliant, kind and wonderful man. I would love to visit Romania someday to see if all the people are as nice as he is. I have tried to learn a few things from his dictionaries and it makes him laugh when I write notes in Romanian! I can't begin to conjugate the verbs!!! Maybe I will buy your CD and surprise him someday with more than "buna diminetsa Domnule". I'll keep this website in my favorites. Thanks. Corina

Denver, Colorado, USA


Romania e cea mai tare!!



Ati avut o idee stralucita .. sunteti deja in My Favorites! :-) Sugestie: sunt totusi cuvinte pe care nu le-am gasit in dictionar. Ar fi interesant sa avti o rubrica in care utilizatorii sa trimita aceste cuvinte pentru inserarea lor in dictionar. Nota 10 din partea mea!

Bs, Germania


e treaba grandioasa pentru cei pe care le vreau sa invat romaneste,nu mai vreau sa simt lipsa aceasta pagina.
Folosesc-o pentru orice,mai ales pentru corespondenta cu romanii....e un site "misto"


Amoh Mary Luiza

Imi place la nebunie pagina duneavoastra,o folosesc forte des in munca pe care o fac. Sunteti cel mai bun Web Site din Romania .

Eu va doresc in continuare mult succes si spor la treba.

Cu mult respect Luiza

Deva, Romania

Alexandrina Avolio

this is really neat


Gunnar Hansen

Your website is extremely informative. Your dictionaries are very helpful and comprehensive. Have you considered making your language software available for Macintosh users? If so, I should be even more grateful and satisfied.

Spartavej 8, Haarup, Hjortshoej, Denmark


Intamplator v-am descoperit dar de acum va tin minte si ..va tin aproape...o sugestie, un dictionar frazeologic...

Deva, Ro

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