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Zorváth Hektor

Great homepage and a lovely beautiful country.
I don't speak Romanian just one-two word but i want to go there again!

Z. hektor

Budapest, Hungary


hola, estoy intentando aprender rumano a través de internet y gracias a su diccionario ¡lo estoy consiguindo!¡enhorabuena!
I would like than some romanian person write me.
Saludos desde Canarias!!!!

las palmas, spain

Lucretia Trandafir

Este cel mai complet dictionar online gasit de mine pana acum pe net. Ma ajuta
foarte mult la invatare.
Mult succes in continuare!

Constanta, Romania




Paul S. Hardersen

I am learning Romanian so I can talk to my wife's parents -- and I hope to be fluent in a year. I wish there were other Romanian speaking people in the US to help me learn the language!

Grand Forks, North Dakota, United States of America

Benno Mechimovscu

Romania is a dream that murmurs to me daily, from its snowcapped peaks to its sizzling shores, from rustic villages to vibrant cities and throbbing highways. Touched by a brief visit to the land of my forefathers, I have deepened my ties to its past, vicariously track its cautious progress into the mainstream of Europe, and wish it all due success in all good development.
Surely, its people count among its greatest resources.

Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Florin Maidaniuc

Sa traiasca Romania

Michigan, United States of America

Mike Buckland

A great web site for a lovely country ! I have met several Romanians recently, and I have been hugely impresses, not only by their kindness, humour and intelligence, but by their spirituality, their wonderful soul. I am determined to visit Romania and learn the language. I would love to walk in the mountains and visit the Black Sea. Maybe next year.
Keep up the great work !

Reading, England


super... super super



I discovered this site a few weeks ago and i have to say that i was impressed and happy in the same time because on this site i can see familiar places and it remindes me of my childhood.
Good job!!

New York, U.S.A

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