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I was the only Romanian Linguist in the US regular Army (there were some reservists who learned from my teacher before me) for years. I only ever spoke Romanian with my teacher in Washington DC. I learned, one-on-one for about 8 months of training. It was so intense that I even thought in Romanian when I was done. Unfortunately, I can't speak it any more, but it's still a part of me when I insist to my daughter to "STAI JOS!" or when I mutter "ca de obicei," to myself. It was such a shame that I learned Romanian for the Army and never got to use it after I left school. Once in a while, I watch the IRC chat rooms where Romanian is spoken, and can understand most of it except for the slang. I love this dictionary, because I can pop over here from chatting if I don't understand something. Thanks :)

Colorado, US


Congratulations for your site! I want to learn romanian and your dictionaries are very useful. Any Romanian living in the Basque Country wants to contact me for lessons or correspondence?

Donostia, Spain

Victoria Hayse

I spend hours looking up words I have not heard since I was a little girl. My mother and father came to the U.S. from Transylvania in the early 1900's. I am amazed at the content of this dictionary. Almost any English word I put in comes up for me in Romanian. Some words are a little different from the way I remember them. My mother and father are no longer alive. I can understand more than I thought I could. I am so glad I found your web site.

I might add I found a cousin in Romania quite by accident through the web. She does not read write or speak English, but I am able to correspond with her via e-mail. I type my messages in English and her daughter-in-law interprets them for me. Sometimes I try to type things in Romanian to her. This is when the dictionary comes in handy! Thank you.
Victoria Hayse

Indiana, U.S.A.

Mirela Brennan

Sotul meu a cautat un dictionar pentru mine si a descoperit pagina voastra. Cind o deschid ma simt mai aproape de casa. Multumesc!

Princeton, WV, USA

F. L. 'Jay' Oliver

Can't wait to order you corse in Romanian. I will unerstand my beautiful wife from iasi even more.... She's learning English, I'm learning Romania.

Houston, USA


language is important when u want to express your love.. now i can express myself to my romanian girlfriend..

amman, jordan


Congratulations!!! The best doctionary than I found!!!
Anybody wants to write me?

las palmas, spain

Mihai Poiana

Romana nu-i grea prieteni;e ca orice alta limba. Ce mare chestie s-o inveti?

Michigan, USA

ghenadie brega

Īmi doresc sa pot face traduceri de texte, mesaje electronice şi de pagini web. Cānd oare va fi posibilă această performanţă pe īn reţeaua romānească de informaţie?

Mult succes!

Bucureşti, Romānia

I. J. Parsons

My girlfriend is from Romania, and she has been trying to teach me her language for almost a year now. I'm wanting to be able to hold conversations with her and her family in Romanian, so that they are not the only ones making an effort at the language barrier.


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