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this site is cool...im romanian by blood...i was born in America...i dont
know too much romanian soo im learning... multumesc...Domnul sa fie cu voi!!~~ i
might have spelled that wrong...


felicia n

multe felicitari realizatorilor siteului! ce bine ca nu mai tre sa-mi
cumpar dictionar! ;)

, denmark


Va multumesc ca existati!



Va multumesc pentru site-ul asta. Foarte util.

oradea, Romania

Dana Svennevig

I'm Romanian and married here in the US. I was so happy finding your
website and I keep it in my favourites since.

My husband already learnt Romanian helped by your software and he
is pretty good with it. I'm really proud of him :)) There are some words in
the dictionary that I couldn't find. May I suggest finding out a way so we
can report the words we can't find? Thanks.

Typo, incorrect or missing words please send them to suggestions@dictionare.com. Thank you.

Ovidiu Bogdan



Acest site e foarte mișto. Studiez românește online, astfel că este de
mult ajutor. Mulțumesc foarte mult!

Texas, US


This is a great page this is my 8th language and Im learning it by
myself..it has helped me a lot! multumesc!!

Lima, Peru


Sunteti super, ma ajutati foarte mult la munca!

Bucuresti, Romania

Bursuc Viluta

Aveti un site minunat....de 6 luni il am online si ma folosesc de el...engleza mea s-a imbunatatit!!!!!!!!!!
Meritati nota 10!

Petrosani, Romania


I do not speak nor understand Romnian as I was raised away from the
Romanian community and language...tho'I do pick up bits and pieces here and there.
From time to time I use this site to translate a word into English. I happen to
remember the last word wanted to translate into English was BALAMUC.

Keep up this fine site. It embraces a mutitude of information not found elsewhere. MULTUMESC!

Addison, Illinois, (USA)

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