dictionare.com is a software developement and web design company. We are located in Montreal, Canada, but we can serve you wherever you are in the world.
dictionare.com creates custom software applications that are designed specifficaly to fit your company. We have expertise in the following languages:

  • Visual C++ , Borland C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran
  • HTML, Perl, PHP, WML, JavaScript, Ajax, Flex
  • Oracle, SQL, mySQL, Visual Fox, DBase , Access
  • OpenCASCADE, AutoCAD, DesignCAD
  • Windows, Unix-FreeBSD, Linux, MS-DOS
  • Apache, Sambar
  • e-Commerce, Internet promotion, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Our software come complete with simple and easy installation programs, intuitive graphical user interface, and informative help files with instruction manuals. For more information please check out our web sites:
    For more information and inquiries please contact bogdan@castingsnet.com

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